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If you’re anything like me when you begin a new workout plan, running program or any commitment to physical fitness you feel like Rocky (cue Eye of the Tiger here)!

Super motivated and consistent.

But as the days pass and the couch seems a bit more friendlier, the sudden emergencies and just plain ole lack of motivations kick in.

You’ve  lost all that momentum.

Truth Moment:

I fall off the wagon more often than I’d like to admit. Eventually I get back on but results come with consistency.

So how do you never miss another workout?

The answer lies in a deep dark and uncomfortable place. One that is difficult to overcome, but not impossible. One that over time gets easier and easier to accomplish.

So you waiting for me to get to the answer already?

Below are 3 Things that will ensure you never miss another workout

1. Make you workouts immovable


When you have a meeting with a client or if you boss sends a meeting invite for Tuesday August 15th at 9 am. How likely are you to make that meeting? Is there even a question if you’re going to attend? Only catastrophic events could keep you from that commitment, right? Have that same outlook for your workouts. I posted about the lure of happy hour vs. my scheduled workout in this post here. That day the workout won the battle and I felt amazing that I chose my workout over friend food and sugary cocktails.

2. Post on Social Media


That’s how I feel about a workout(haha). If your Nike Running app failed and didn’t document the 10 miles you just ran, does it really count? You cannot even imagine my dissapointment when I look down at my phone only to discover that my app failed to track my mileage.

People like to see you crush it in the gym or run long distances. They admire your get up and go get it and want to be just like you. Well they want to be just like you minus the hard work! Holding your self accountable by inspiring others is an excellent way to stay committed to your workout.

3.Find Your Accountability

Be it a gym partner, a group exercise class, or a super amazing, friendly, and motivating running group like Houston Fit. Clearly I’m a member. Find a person or group of people that not only support you but participate with you.

I have also had the opportunity to run with another fantastic group Black Girls Run-Houston. The Tom Bass Park Princess meet at 5:15 a.m.  five days a week for a morning group run. We look forward to seeing each other, we know to expect one another, and when someone doesn’t show up we call. But the mere fact that someone is at the park waiting for me gave me the motivation to get out of the bed and hit the pavement at 5 a.m.

These 3 things should keep your workout on track. I’d love to hear your strategies too.

What tactics do you use to make sure you never miss a workout?